Drop OFF

If you are not a permit holder:
Please bear to the left at the entrance to the Skier Dropoff Area in the main lot.
Visitors are welcomed to pull up next to the curb on the left to unload vehicles.
Once vehicle is unloaded we ask that you proceed to the general parking area previously indicated on the entry signs to park your vehicle for your stay with us.

Permit Parking
Parking permit spaces are held from 7am until 1pm.
After 1 pm on any given day, the permit area will be opened up to the general public for parking use. The left edge as you enter the permit area is used for the picking up and dropping off of our guests from various parking lots and community shuttle routes. We ask that you please keep this drive-through lane open and clear of non bus traffic at all times. Level 4 (the entry level) of the permit area typically fills up first. At this point, a parking attendant may direct you to follow the signs to a lower level of the garage and additional permit parking spaces.
If you are a permit holder... Please have your parking permit displayed in full view of the parking attendant at all times. This will allow the attendant to keep the line moving swiftly by not having to stop each vehicle to confirm that a permit is present.

To purchase permit parking please contact Guest Services (802)297-4001

General Parking Process:

Lot #1
After available Garage parking is filled, we will direct you to Parking Lot 1.
Lot #1 is located about 2/10ths of a mile beyond the parking garage on your left just beyond Liftline Lodge.
Please pull into the lot and follow signage or parking attendants to a parking spot.
Shuttle operating hours for Lot 1 are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Lot #2
After available Lot 1 parking is filled, we will direct you to Parking Lot 2.
Parking Lot #2 is located about 7/10ths of a mile past Lot 1 on the left almost across from the driveway to the Maintenance facility.
Shuttles servicing guests at Lot 2 are 50-passenger school bus type vehicles with exterior ski racks.
Buses pick up and drop off near the entry to Lot 2 and deliver guests to the Skier Drop Off Area of Level 4 of the parking garage.
Shuttle operating hours to and from Lot 2 are from when the lot is opened in the morning until 5 p.m.

Sun Bowl Lot
Sun Bowl Lot is located at the Sun Bowl Base Area.
This Base Area offers a full-service base lodge.
Sun Bowl Lot is past Lot 2. Take the next right across from the Stratton Vol. Firehouse. Continue out this road approx. one quarter mile and take a right onto the Sunbowl Entrance Road.
In addition to weekends and holiday periods, the Sunbowl shuttles will be running whenever Lot 2 is filled and the only available parking is in the Sunbowl.
Shuttle picks up and drops off in the lower left main parking lot. This shuttle leaves the Sunbowl, bound for the main base area at 10 minute intervals.
The Sun Bowl Lot also offers a permit parking area which is located closest to the lodge.
Skier drop off at the Sunbowl is located at the top of the circular drive near the entrance to the lodge. We ask that you pull up next to the person in front of you, unload your vehicle, and then follow the signage to the appropriate lot.

Other Available Parking:

Valet Parking:
Valet Parking is available for a daily fee and services on a first come basis. Season Valet Parking Passes are also available. Valet Parking is located on the top deck of the Parking Garage (Level 5).

Village Parking:
There is limited short-term parking on the top deck of the Parking Garage (Level 5) for Village shopping only.

Handicap Parking:
All Stratton Resort Lodges and buildings have designated handicap parking spaces. At the main base area they are located both in level 4 of the parking garage as well as a few spaces at the rear of the base lodge. The Sunbowl Lodge has handicap parking available at the rear of the lodge.