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Here you will find a complete list of all of the current job openings, both seasonal and year round. We care about the kind of people we’re hiring. We take pride in what makes Stratton unique – it’s all about our employees! We seek out people who will mesh well with our culture, people who are excited and passionate about life!

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During our winter and summer seasons, we hire international workers from around the globe. This blend offers a great experience for our guests and employees alike. Stratton Resort employs international employees during our peak seasons. For more information on our programs, please email


Stratton sponsors H2B visas for our winter season for housekeeping, janitorial and food & beverage. We also work with an agency that sponsors J1 Internships for Culinary, Food & Beverage Management and Hospitality International Students.


Stratton’s housekeeping department sponsors H2B visas for the summer season.

Employee Perks
There’s more than a free season pass waiting for you! You don’t just get a job at Stratton you get an experience and a lifestyle. As a member of our team, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive array of perks available to our seasonal employees. Some examples include: Free Stratton Season Pass, discounted tickets for your friends & family, generous food & beverage discounts, retail discounts, onsite employee child care available, discounts on seasonal programs, discounted equipment rentals, employee events & recognitions, employee memberships at the golf course &, fitness center, free or discounted lift tickets at local northeast ski resorts, direct deposit, employee assistance program, 401(k) savings plans, free skiing at other sister resorts (Big Bear, Blue Mountain, Deer Valley*, June Mountain, Mammoth, Mont Tremblant, Snowshoe, Squaw & Alpine Meadows, Steamboat and Winter Park). At Stratton you have plenty of opportunities for growth, advancement & year round employment! Don't worry the uniforms are provided!
*Black-out dates may apply
Employee Housing
Stratton Mountain’s employees are a mix of permanent & temporary residents of southwestern Vermont. Our Employee housing is extremely limited, and it is prioritized by position worked. Most employees make housing arrangements independently. If you’re thinking of relocating to the Stratton area for a winter season, securing housing should be a top priority. Most employees find housing on Craigslist by searching in the small towns in the area, including: Manchester, Londonderry, Peru, Winhall, Chester, Bondville, Jamaica, Newfane, Wardsboro & Rawsonville. Hiring managers, along with the Human Resources office have a list of leads to help temporary residents find affordable housing options for the winter. You’ll need your own transportation, as there is no public transportation available.
Volunteering at Stratton

Stratton Volunteers are an outgoing, friendly team of winter enthusiasts who enhance our guests’ experience with their invaluable knowledge of Stratton Mountain Resort. Volunteer tasks include greeting and assisting guests, on-mountain tours, safety patrol, lift-line organization, market research, trail map and brochure distribution and end of day farewell. Strong intermediate ski or snowboard ability is necessary for on-mountain participation. Volunteers complete training days and a minimum number of volunteer days throughout the season. In exchange for their service, volunteer hosts are given a season pass.

Our team has a passion for serviceAssisting guests with exceptional and enthusiastic service is our primary goal

We are now recruiting a small intake for the winter season. Interested in becoming a Stratton Mountain Volunteer? You can print your Application Here. Please do not apply for a volunteer position if you are seeking a paid position.

After the initial interview with a recruiter from Human Resources, your application is forwarded to the hiring manager for the job you applied for. The hiring manager will contact you within one week of receiving your application. If after the initial interview, we do not think you’re a good fit for us, we’ll let you know. If you don’t hear anything after one week (and please give us all 7 days… hiring season gets CRAZY!!!), please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to follow up on the status of your application.
Health insurance is offered to core and regular employees (9 months to year round positions). For information about your eligibility or details about benefits, check in with your manager or with the Payroll and Benefits Coordinator in Human Resources.
Yes. But it’s a lot easier than it used to be! When you are hired, you will receive an email from Intrawest Shared Services for your online on-boarding through our HR portal, UltiPro. This site allows you to confirm and update personal information, tax withholdings, banking info, and eligibility to work in the US. Upon completion, you will visit the Human Resources office (located in the Stratton Village) to complete your brief privacy training, as well as a VT State Declaration of Health form. Part of the paperwork process is the I-9 verification, which is a government requirement proving your eligibility to work in the United States. You will need to bring in the physical documents for an HR representative to review. We do not accept faxes or photo copies. The most common documents that will prove your eligibility are a) photo IDs (driver and non-driver’s license), and b) social security cards or birth certificates. You will need a document from both list A and B. A passport is also sufficient. You will not be able to start working until you have provided these documents and followed through with all HR requirements. There will be no exceptions, so please come prepared! Human Resources is open 7 days a week during the winter season, so we are always happy to help you!
Stratton Mountain Resort does not provide employee housing. Craigslist, real estate websites, and local newspapers are a great resource. Towns to look for that are within a reasonable driving distance are: Bondville, Winhall, Manchester, Jamaica, Rawsonville, Townshend, Newfane, Londonderry, South Londonderry, Chester, and Peru. There are plenty of seasonal rooms and houses to rent for the winter, you just have to do some research!
There’s only one way to apply…. online! Click on a job to read more about it. If you like what you see, apply. Timesaver – if you’re interested in more than one position, you may apply to just one position, and mention in your cover letter that you’re open to other jobs as well.
Well, the hard part’s over, so now you can relax! We review applications on a daily basis, and respond to applicants via telephone & email. You’ll hear from us even if we decide to pursue other candidates. If you don’t hear from someone within a week, please feel free to contact us. Sometimes little glitches happen and your application never comes through. We like to know when this happens so good applicants don’t get lost.
If the job you’re looking for is not posted online, the position is no longer available. We update the job postings on a daily basis, so what you see is what you can apply for!
You should talk to your manager or supervisor about your desire to return to work. After they confirm they would like to hire you back, stop in to HR to start your onboarding process (must be done annually). *Never assume you have your job back. Things can change between seasons, so it’s important to touch base with your manager and check in with Human Resources before the season starts.
We’re looking for people that are passionate about life and what they do. People who loves winter and other people. People who want to be at Stratton! Tell the truth. We’re going to find out who you are eventually, so just be yourself.
  • THE RIGHT CLOTHING. Be sure to ask your new manager/supervisor about dress code or recommended clothing/footwear for the job you will be doing, especially if you’re working outdoors. They can give you some great tips for layering and staying warm and dry. Proper footwear is really important! The outdoor crews around the resort do an amazing job of shoveling and salting walkways and roads. However, conditions are constantly changing, so it’s your responsibility to be cautious. If something looks icy, it probably is! Be careful. Keep in mind that our winters can be unpredictable. A day could start out sunny and warm and by the end of your shift, it may be snowing. Be prepared for anything!
  • TRANSPORTATION. This part of southern Vermont does not have public transportation. The village of Stratton is at the very top of a long and winding access road, so we recommend that you bring your own transportation or make arrangements with friends or family for rides to and from work. If you do have your own vehicle, be sure to invest in some good snow tires, and make sure you have an emergency kit in your car at all times in case you get stuck somewhere.
  • MONEY. Bring enough to live on for a few weeks. Depending on when you arrive and start working, you may not get paid for three weeks because of how our payroll cycles work. If you don’t have a vehicle, it can be hard to find your way to a bank. We recommend that you set up direct deposit when you arrive. Make sure you have a little bit of a cushion until you are fully settled.
Pay periods run for two weeks and end on Sundays. Pay Day comes every two weeks on Fridays. Managers pick up the checks in the afternoon on pay days. Employees should go to their manager for their pay check. Please do not come directly to Human Resources. If you have any special requests for picking up your pay check, please make arrangements with your manager. Thanks!
Jobs are posted as soon as hiring managers are ready to set appointments for interviews! Generally, you’ll see winter jobs posted late in the summer. Keep checking the website through early fall and into December. We try to have most jobs filled by Thanksgiving. Some jobs remain posted throughout the season, so just keep looking until you see something you like.
We ask a lot of questions because we really care about the kind of people we’re hiring. We take pride in what makes our work place unique… it’s all about the employees. We want our customers to really notice the awesome people who are running the lifts, serving the hot chocolate, shoveling the walkways, grooming the trails, making the snow… you get it, right? We look for people who we think will mesh well with the culture we promote:

  • Motivation
  • Positive energy and attitude
  • Willing to embrace and drive change
  • Active lifestyle
  • Passion for service & our product
  • Respect for peers and guests
  • Teamwork

So we’re going to ask a lot of questions. We want to get to know you a little bit. We hope that after talking to us, you’ll want to work here even more!
Please fill out an application for the new position that you’re interested in. The hiring manager will check on your employment history with us and then schedule an interview.