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Base Lodge Project

Grizzly's Opening Friday, December 18

Friday, December 18 - 20

This weekend, we're unveiling the cherry on top of this summers Base Lodge renovation: Grizzly's. You'll be able to check out the new set up, enjoy a cold brew and your favorite Grizzly dishes Friday, December 18. Brickdrop, DJ Joe Bell and DJ Nook & Kranny will be breaking in the place with après and late night jams over the weekend.

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Brickdrop from 3-6pm at Grizzly's | Saturday, Dec. 19

Brickdrop is high impact blast of up-tempo dance, funk, jazz, r&b with a rock attitude. The music weaves between moments of intricate syncopated melodies, and free flowing fusion grooves reminiscent of the 70's Herbie Hancock era. It is an equal blend of intentional design and spontaneous artistic creation. Whether you like to party, or listen the music is sure to hit you like a brick.

DJ Joe Bell and Nook & Kranny
from 10pm-2am at Grizzly's | Saturday, Dec. 19

DJ Joe Bell and DJ Nook & Kranny are both local favorites at the mountain. You can expect a variety of popular hits, house music and special requests from those killing it on the dance floor. 

UPDATE: November 18, 2015

The countdown to opening day is on as final touches are being put on the new Base Lodge additions. Guest services is open for business, 100% recycled carpet has been laid, locally crafted Hubbardton Forge chandeliers hung and state-of-the-art kitchen equipment installed in the new servery area. The first not-to-miss live music event on the season rocks the Base Lodge on November 28. With snow guns already fired up and the mountain seeing two natural snowfalls this fall, it won't be long before we'll be enjoying another epic season. 

UPDATE: October 28, 2015

The Base Lodge is coming to life as crews put the finishing touches on the exterior, with all siding to be complete by the weekend. New carpet is already in Guest Services and interior painting is underway. Locally crafted Hubbardton Forge light fixtures have arrived and are being prepped for installation. The brand new state-of-the-art servery area is set to be completed in the next two weeks. Stay tuned to Stratton's Facebook page for project photos. 

UPDATE: October 7, 2015

As the air becomes cooler, our minds are refreshed with the memory of an amazing 2014-'15 winter. Eager to move forward and start the new season, crews have continued work on the Base Lodge project, nearing completion of the exterior and roof. Over the next three weeks, all work will move indoors to complete the modern interior design. Locally crafted Hubbardton Forge light fixtures will be installed throughout, along with 100% recycled carpet and state-of-the-art kitchen equipment. The re-imagined servery area will provide a more efficient lunch-time flow, freeing congestion while retrieving meals. The new additions will add over 350 seats, allowing the whole family a comfortable spot to rest their ski legs and enjoy lunch. 

UPDATE: September 25, 2015

Crews have completed work on the roof of the new Base Lodge addition and have continued work on the interior of the additions, as well as a brand new Grizzly’s kitchen, enlarged bathrooms and apres ski deck. Work has begun on the state-of-the-art servery kitchen, where guests will retrieve hamburgers, chicken fingers, and other favorite dishes for their ski day lunch.

For a full album of project photos, visit Stratton on Facebook.

UPDATE: September 15, 2015

New low-emission glass windows have been placed in the new addition. The glass is engineered to keep heat inside the lodge and block cold air from entering, allowing for comfortable temperatures and substantial energy savings. Crews have begun work on the siding of the additions and the construction of the brand new Grizzly's deck.

UPDATE: September 11, 2015

The Base Lodge walls are bringing the blueprints to life, as we near the season. As seen in the image below, the second floor East and West Wing are becoming a reality. 
Crews in the coming week will work to complete the exterior, adding siding to the new additions. 

UPDATE: August 28, 2015

The Base Lodge structure is starting to look more like the blueprints, with the second floor roof in place and the window frames completed. Crews have built a brand new deck at Grizzly’s Bar and Restaurant, and have begun the construction on the enlarged bathrooms and state-of-the-art kitchen. The second floor West Wing will serve as an extension of Grizzly’s Bar and Restaurant when traffic demands, and guests can enjoy comfortable cushioned seating with stainless steel design. The Base Lodge exterior will get a makeover with deep red siding come Monday.

Sustainable upgrades include 100% recycled carpet from Interface used throughout the Base Lodge and Dyson hand dryers to replace all paper towel dispensers in each bathroom.

For a full album of project photos, visit Stratton on Facebook.

UPDATE: August 26, 2015

Looking forward to the upcoming season, we're seeing lots of snow and new parks. As usual, a progression park will live on Downtowner, next to the Villager lift. This is a beginner park with ride-on features specifically designed for skiers and riders new to park riding.  Tyrolienne will host a small park with a mix of boxes, rails and other exciting features. New this year is a medium/large park wall-to-wall on Suntanner. Previously on Old Smoothie, our medium sized park will sit side-by-side with the large slope style park on Suntanner. Skier and Boardercross (SBX) will remain on East Bryneside for the season.

UPDATE: August 21, 2015

New low-e glass will be installed in clear stories of the Base Lodge. This glass has been developed to block heat from escaping through the windows and block cold air from entering. The oil boiler will be replaced by a more efficient gas boiler. LED lighting will illuminate the base lodge, which offers up to a 90% energy savings as opposed to traditional light bulbs. 

UPDATE: August 17, 2015

All systems are go for Base Lodge completion by opening day of the 2015-16 ski and ride season.  While it’s all girders and beams at the moment,  we are excited to report that the Hubbardton Forge lighting is set for delivery on September 8.

You will notice the craftsmanship, fine finish, warm glow of these Vermont-made fixtures but we got an insider’s tour of the Castleton forge that shines a new light on these storied sconces and chandeliers.

It all starts with David and the product design team who present their inspiration on napkin sketches and foam folds…to Jason in R&D and prototypes. The modern day alchemist turns what looks like origami into a 10-stage process (each of which requires some 20-40 steps) that molds metal heated to nearly 2000ºF into award-winning lighting right here in Castleton VT.

We started in the forge, where Annie and her team heat the metal in “ovens” using equipment that was built as far back as 1885, then mold it into pieces like the iconic basket (which we tried to make) on a device that uses a tractor wheel to turn the steel as it cools. My attempt would be in the 1 percent that doesn’t make the grade. Hubbardton Forge boasts a 99.3 percent perfect result at the end of a closed loop manufacturing cycle that allows them to create custom pieces and turn projects around in 21 days or less. 

Traveling the path from forge to finish was an education in the marriage of traditional tools & hand-crafted detailing to state-of-the-art machinery,  hi-tech process and sustainable manufacturing. And it all comes together in the lights that will brighten Stratton’s Base Lodge this season.

UPDATE: July 30, 2015

This summer's project is making progress. Be the first to see our new lighting in the Base Lodge from Hubbardton Forge

UPDATE: July 24, 2015

The vision is taking shape as crews get ready to place the beams, add siding and rough in plumbing and electric for the two new kitchens now that the floors under each have been reinforced. 

A new Grizzly’s deck is underway and designers are on their way to reconfigure the bar – with seats all around and a rail along the windows. Grizzly’s bathrooms will be more than double in size. And the stage will move back to its original location  --  remember the Stratton Mountain Boys! Good news: the wood-fired pizza oven stays.

Stay tuned as we’ll be seeing big progress each week.

UPDATE: July 21, 2015

The Base Lodge roof is off and the beams are in place for the second floor as crews continue to work toward a November completion on what is now a project that adds further enhancements to Grizzly’s – stay tuned for all the details. 

UPDATE: June 30, 2015

Work is well underway on the Base Lodge project which will be complete by opening day.

Crews are setting the foundation for a new elevator that will run from the lower level to Grizzly’s on the top floor. The main servery area has been stripped to prepare for the new, and more efficient, open floor plan. Next on the construction agenda is to relocate the stairs leading up to Grizzly’s Restaurant, starting from the corner previously occupied by the Double Diamond coffee shop.

You can see the progress, along with a Stratton history timeline added to fencing surrounding the Base Lodge, on your way to the gondola (open weekends and holidays). Construction updates and photos will be available throughout the summer via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and stratton.com.

This summer’s project adds a second floor to the east and west wings, which will provide 4,000 more square feet and an additional 350 seats.

A new addition has been added to the base lodge fencing. See a timeline outlining the history of Stratton up close.


STRATTON MOUNTAIN, VT. -- Just as the stellar 2014-15 season wrapped up, work began on an project that literally raises the roof on Stratton’s storied Base Lodge, adding a second floor to the east and west wings, bringing another 350 seats and approximately 4,000 more square feet.  The project will be complete for the 2015-2016 winter season.

Design and materials marry the traditional Base Lodge architecture with native stone, hardwoods, barn style board and gates, Vermont-crafted Hubbardton Forge lighting, and energy efficiency upgrades at every opportunity, working closely with Efficiency Vermont.  A larger kitchen has been designed to serve the expanded Grizzly’s restaurant while the main floor will also be transformed with a new serving area, coffee shop, flooring and details that include wainscoting and Douglas fir columns throughout. The work will be completed for the 2015-16 season which will begin with a grand opening of this new space at the heart of the resort.

Jakober Haus 1642, a wooden structure discovered by Stratton founder Frank Snyder in Alpach, Austria, served as the model for Stratton’s Base Lodge which since 1961 has welcomed generations of friends and family.
The design delivers the seating we need with revised floor plans to meet the demands of an evolving market while maintaining the solid structure and traditional elements of Stratton’s original Base Lodge,” explained General Manager Bill Nupp.

With state-of-the-art kitchens, modern food storage systems and advanced prep technology, guests can expect exceptional dining experiences with high quality meal options in the Base Lodge, across the mountain and throughout the resort as well as in catering for special events,” he added.
Stratton Mountain Base Lodge Project

Stratton Mountain Base Lodge Project
    Project Highlights:
  • Second floor to the east and west wings
  • Approximately 4,000 more square feet
  • An additional 350 seats
  • Redesign marrying new materials and traditional architecture
  • Vermont-crafted energy-efficient lighting
  • Expanded Grizzly's restaurant
  • State-of-the-art kitchens, modern food storage systems and advanced prep technology

This summer’s expansion retains elements of the original with updates throughout. In addition to winter music, après and dining, the expanded Base Lodge will offer new opportunities for summer conferences, weddings and meetings.

Stratton Mountain Base Lodge Project