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Stratton Mountain Safety

Get ready to have a time of your life! The most important part of having fun is staying safe. Getting hurt is the quickest way to ruin a great day on the hill. The goal of Stratton's safety team is to provide you with all of the necessary tools to ensure that you have the best time on the Mountain.

Stratton is also proud to report that resort was recognized 6 years in a row with most recent in 2010 and 2011 with National Ski Areas Association Safety Awards. We take several steps to recognize and promote National Safety Awareness Week resort-wide but our main goal is to be safe all season long not just one week.   

Remember to Play Safe, Play Smart and Enjoy the Mountain while knowing your limits. Safety never takes a vacation so a little bit of caution goes a long way.

Ski Patrol can be reached at 802-297-4911

Stratton Ski & Safety Patrol

Stratton Ski and Safety Patrol serve as leaders in providing a safe on-mountain experience for guests and employees alike.  This team includes both paid and volunteer skiers/snowboarders who interact with guests on and off the hill providing emergency care and promoting safety.  Stratton’s team is NOT just about picking up the sleds and transporting them down the mountain; it’s much more than that.  Besides the team's medical care to our guest, other duties include safety-related responsibilities to open the area each morning, maintain a safe environment during operation and to close the area at the end of the day.  Follow a Ski Patroller through a day in their life in this video.

Mountain Safety and Slow Zones

Slow Zones are areas of heavy traffic that can become congested with skiers and riders. Our Safety Patrollers are on the mountain each day patrolling the 'Slow Zones', identifiable by the banners and signs at the run entrances and clearly marked on the trail maps. Look for our volunteer Safety Patrollers in orange jackets and "Play Safe, Play Smart and Enjoy the Mountain" insignia.

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Carlos Otis Clinic & In Case of Emergency (ICE)

The Carlos Otis Clinic is a state-of-the-art medical facility steps from the Gondola serving the Stratton community for both general and urgent medical care. Please take advantage of the Clinic's free rapid-response, on-mountain, emergency communication initiative, ICE (In Case of Emergency). When you register your family with ICE, we'll be able to contact and notify family members immediately should a family member be involved in a mishap. For details and to sign up, please visit http://carlosotisclinic.org/

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Your Responsibility Code

Snowsports can be enjoyed in many ways. You will see people using alpine, snowboard, telemark, cross country and adaptive equipment. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy the slopes, always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing and snowboarding that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Observe the code and share with others the responsibility for a great mountain experience.

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Take it Easy on EZ Street

Stratton Mountain launches a family friendly trail that starts at the summit and runs for nearly three miles. Safety and Ski Patrol will be stationed along the route as a reminder that this trail is designed for an easy-does it style of skiing and riding. This mellow route starts on Mike’s Way, into the Meadows , Drifter Link and finishes on Old Log Road. 
“Play Safe, Play Smart and Enjoy the Mountain”

Safety Education Session (S.E.S) Online

Our award winning S.E.S program is again available on-line! Going through the program gives you access to some of the best rated parks in the country.  When on-line all you have to do is watch the smart style video, answer 5 questions correctly, print out you assumption of risk, and bring it to the S.E.S. ticket window at the ticket counter. All skiers and snowboarder are required to attend SES before earning access to Stratton's parks.

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