Building a Sustainable Resort

All great change comes from within. This is why Stratton has made it a priority to create a strong foundation to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth. We choose to make environmentally responsible infrastructure choices to build a strong community with built-in values. When it comes to sourcing, we want the all-around best, which means we take all aspects (social, economic, and environmental) into account.

We make our choices for you and for the planet, and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards.

Our Current Infrastructure

                Material Sourcing

  • Stratton housekeeping switched cleaning supplies to EcoLogic solutions, eliminating 10,000lbs a year, or the equivalent of 5 Stratton gondola cabins filled to capacity, of non-environmentally sound chemicals, that would otherwise be used and disposed of on the mountain.
  • Cob’s market using biodegradable packaging for salad containers, biodegradable silverware, and Grizzly’s using biodegradable cups, which has a lesser impact on the environment than traditional packaging
  • All towels/toilet paper/printer paper made from recycled fibers


  • Heated walk ways in the village allow for decreased salt use
  • Recycled wood and VOC-free paint used in all 2013 renovations, including Burton store and First Run.
  • New carpet made from recycled fibers installed in Burton, First Run, and Mid Mountain lodge
  • Installed cork flooring in Dashing Bear in place of carpet. Cork is renewable resource that can be harvested for up to 350 years from the same tree, containing natural thermal insulation and hypo-allergenic properties
  • 2x2 LED light fixtures installed in all retail shops, which has longer lasting materials, and less harmful production


  • All natural, organic, and local food choices are being made in various dining locations
  • Bentley’s menu incorporating cheese’s from local dairy farms, reducing sourcing from conventional large-scale dairy farms
  • Food and beverage sourcing from local bakeries, such as Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex, VT, decreasing the distance from farm to table.