Engaging the Community

Myriads of people come through Stratton each year, and while we can do our part to help preserve our resort, we need the help of every single one of our guests to make these dreams a reality. You have the power to make a decision and a change.

We hope to mobilize a resort culture to make more environmentally responsible decisions so we can protect the beauty of Stratton to make memories for generations to come.

How can you help? Here are some examples of how you can help make environmentally friendly choices.

Source Reduction

                Instead of using disposable items, you can choose…

  • Reusable totes for shopping
  • Reusable mugs for coffee and tea
  • Reusable water bottles
  • “To stay” instead of “to go”


                If you must take disposable items, you can…

  • Use paper bags, paper cups, toilet paper, and paper towel rolls as fire starters
  • Use plastic bags to carry lunch or pick up after your dog
  • Save your tin foil to cover the next dish you have leftovers for
  • Wash and keep plastic silverware for at least 2 weeks of usage
  • Use your glass jar to drink a classy bottle of wine


                Did you know…

  • Glass bottles make you money! You can redeem your bottles for 5 cents at most gas stations statewide
  • You should use plastic as a last option. But if you use it, make sure the world can use it again and find a recycling bin.
  • Paper can be recycled too! Good thing the whole resort has zero sort recycling!
  • We have a shoe recycling program? Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


                How you can help our zero-waste initiative grow:

  • Build a garden. Mix your food scraps in your soil. The worms will be happy.
  • Find a source that will take your compost.
  • Spread the word and do some research
  • When front of the house composting is initiated, educate yourself and help us keep it separated!

Know Idling

                Did you know

  • Idling produces emissions that waste gas and have harmful air pollutants to the human lungs
  • Idling for 10 seconds uses the same amount of gas as restarting your car.
  • Increasing the number of vehicle starts by 6-10 a day probably would not increase operating costs.
  • Not all cars need to be heated up before driving, check with your manufacturer
  • Idling is necessary to defrost the windows
  • Idling is not necessary to warm the toes

(Source: Review of the Incidence, Energy Use and Costs of Passenger Vehicle Idling)

Water and Energy Use

                Water and Energy are expensive and precious resources. You can avoid waste by:

  • Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth
  • Turning off the lights when you leave the room
  • Taking a bath or a hot tub to warm up rather than a shower
  • Turning down the heat when you leave
  • Making sure the dishwasher is full before running it (www.wastingwaterisweird.com)