Green Apron

Photo Submitted 5/29/15 by Rich
"Been coming here now for some time and the food and service is great. My favorite thing has to the BLTAC which essentially is your standard BLT taken to another level with Avocados on a croissant. It's the kind of sandwich you'll be craving once you have it. Great beers on tap views are obviously spectacular and the French fries are good too."                                                         

Vermont farm-to-table cuisine comes to the Stratton Golf Course in Green Apron. Whether enjoying lunch after a round of golf or attending a farm-to-table dinner, Green Apron brings the tastes of Vermont right to your table with a menu that evolves with the seasons. Green Apron is proud to be part of the Vermont Fresh Network, a group dedicated to supporting Vermont agriculture by bringing fresh, local, flavorful food to the table. A VT SBDC certified Green Restaurant.

Summer Hours:
 11am-5pm (if you're an early morning golfer, ask about our breakfast sandwiches)
Serving: Lunch

In between rounds, stop by Green Apron for refreshment and share your #StrattonGolf experience with us.