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Green Apron

Vermont farm-to-table cuisine comes to the Stratton Golf Course in the newly reimagined restaurant, Green Apron.

Whether enjoying lunch after a round of golf or attending a three course farm-to-table dinner, Green Apron brings the tastes of Vermont right to your table with a menu that evolves with the seasons.

Green Apron is proud to be part of the Vermont Fresh Network, a group dedicated to supporting Vermont agriculture by bringing fresh, local, flavorful food to the table. A VT SBDC certified Green Restaurant.

Monday - Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday - Sunday 7am-7pm

*Hours are subject to change depending on business levels

seasonal VT cuisine

early summer menu


hummus & tapenadehouse crackers  DF,V        9

summer pickled veggies buttermilk aioli          7

goat meatballsfiggy BBQ    DF, GF        10

jicama “frites”lime crème fraiche   V, GF        8.50

white bean gratinhouse crackers  V        9

oysters mignonette  DF, GF               12

fried heirlooms •  meyer lemon aioli  V        11

charcuteriecured & smoked meats, date mustard        15

 VT cheese boardlocally selected variety, house crackers  V     14


soup & salad

melon gazpachocrispy duck prosciutto GF, DF        8.5

s.o.d.seasonally inspired creation        7.5

rocket saladyellow beet, blue cheese, baby heirloom tomato, grapefruit vin  V, GF        12

caesar saladromaine, parmesan, house croutons, white anchovy filet        11.5

braised fennel salad dried fig, chevré, peppered bacon, maple vin  V, GF        11.5

grilled asparagus •  crispy pork belly, frisee, figgy BBQ  DF, GF      13



all sandwiches include your choice of house cut fries, house pickled veggies, or seasonal root veggie chips 

VT grilled cheeseaged cheddar, smoked gouda, chevré, “Stevie Wonder Bread”    V        12.5

turkey “rueben”pickled watermelon rind slaw, maple smoked gouda, sourdough rye        13

VT burgerchoice of locally made cheese, lettuce, heirloom tomato, onion, brioche roll        16.5

tempeh wrappea tendrils, avocado, heirloom tomato, mesclun, sriracha aioli   DF       13

BLTACmaple bacon, lettuce, heirloom tomato, avocado, croissant  DF        14

three bean burgerhouse made vegetarian patty, cucumber raita, brioche roll  V       14

free range chicken choice of locally produced cheese, LTO, brioche roll        14.5


Dairy Free=DF, Gluten Free=GF, Vegetarian=V


Green Apron sources only local, seasonal product when possible.  Thank you to some of our partners:  VT Chevon, Taylor Farms, Brown Boar Farm, Green Mountain Creamery, Cabot Cooperative, Blythedale Farms, Blue Ledge Farms, Misty Knoll Farms, Grafton Village Creamery, Earth Sky Time Bakery, Stoney Point Apiaries, Black River Produce 


Executive Chef, Jacob Ebel     Sous Chef, Matt Gorczyca