Core Awareness Training Center

Jonathan Bischof is the Head Trainer and his speciality of practice is strength, posture, and mobility. Golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, stand up paddleboarding, and more can all be enhanced with his skills and drills.

Much of the curriculum follows the Dr. Stuart McGill protocols for spine health and safety. Dr. McGill is recognized world wide as the leader in evidence based prevention, performance, and rehabilitation of the human spine. Jonathan’s positional skill set training™ enables the athlete to learn the proper movement patterns for specific sports or daily life. His proprietary unique methods allow students of any ability “to really get it” and are widely recognized for their success!

Jonathan holds the following certifications:

NSCA - CPT: National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer
FMS - Functional Movement Specialist Certified
RKC - Level 1 Russian Kettle Bell Certified
WPA - Level 1 World Paddle Association

When it comes to improving for sport or daily life, the Core Awareness Training Program will deliver.  To make an appointment with Jonathan, call 802.258.0282 or email .