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Mountain 1 Mountain 1
Mountain Hole 1 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 349 | White 323 | Red 297 | Catamount 222
Hidden water hazards lurk left of the center landing area. It's best to aim off the tee at the greenside bunker. A short-to-medium iron is required to reach this elevated green. If your approach is long, you face a difficult downhill chip shot.

Mountain 2 Mountain 2
Mountain Hole 2 • PAR 3

Yardage: Blue 205 | White 186 | Red 114 | Catamount 53
This par 3 plays much longer than its yardage. Hit a long iron or fairway wood to reach the putting surface. Miss the green right and you face a tricky pitch over the deep bunker guarding the green.

Mountain 3 Mountain 3
Mountain Hole 3 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 398 | White 372 | Red 263 | Catamount 188
Off the tee, favor the right on this slight dogleg left, avoiding the trees on the steep slopes to the left. Your medium-iron approach needs accuracy; shots hit to the wrong level of this severely-sloped green could put you in three putt territory.

Mountain 4 Mountain 4
Mountain Hole 4 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 374 | White 355 | Red 337 | Catamount 241
Tee shots should favor the right as the fairway slopes to the left. Go with a short-to-medium iron to reach the large green protected by bunkers on the left. Don't go long on the approach; a steep bank and stream lurk behind the green and beyond the cart path.

Mountain 5 Mountain 5
Mountain Hole 5 • PAR 5

Yardage: Blue 621 | White 545 | Red 511 | Catamount 228
From the back tee, drives must thread a thin, tree-lined chute. A stream flows down the right side and small brooks cross the fairway twice on the way to the green. Two straight shots leave an approach to a well-bunkered green that slopes from front-to-back.

Mountain 6 Mountain 6
Mountain Hole 6 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 321 | White 304 | Red 294 | Catamount 180
The fairway is tightly bordered by trees. Position off the tee is very important. A short iron remains to the L-shaped green protected by bunkers left and right.

Mountain 7 Mountain 7
Mountain Hole 7 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 381 | White 358 | Red 330 | Catamount 124
This is one of the toughest par 4s at Stratton. Hit a short drive to stay away from the pond on the left half of the fairway and the bunker to the right. A long iron or fairway wood should reach this green flanked by bunkers on three sides.

Mountain 8 Mountain 8
Mountain Hole 8 • PAR 3

Yardage: Blue 158 | White 150 | Red 138 | Catamount 40
A short, but tricky par 3. A short shot flirts with the water or one of the two bunkers. A long shot travels down the steep slope to the trees behind.

Mountain 9 Mountain 9
Mountain Hole 9 • PAR 5

Yardage: Blue 470 | White 448 | Red 426 | Catamount 317
A long hitter can reach in two if the drive is positioned just right of the fairway bunker. Go too far right and you find rough and trees that run down the entire right side. The green is protected left and right by three large bunkers.