Lake 1 Lake 1
Lake Hole 1 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 379 | White 353 | Red 326 | Catamount 216
The drive must be straight to avoid the small streams, which run down both sides of the fairway. A short-to-medium iron should reach this green that is protected by sand on the right and behind.

Lake 2 Lake 2
Lake Hole 2 • PAR 4/5

Yardage: Blue 418 | White 395 | Red 370 | Catamount 173
Position your drive right of the bunker guarding the dogleg on the left. Drives hit into the dogleg mean a stymied second shot or worse. A long iron or fairway wood is required to reach a green protected by a deep bunker on the left and a stream that runs in front of it.

Lake 3 Lake 3
Lake Hole 3 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 350 | White 328 | Red 306 | Catamount 236
Your drive should favor the right side to avoid the trees on the left. Your approach into the very large green will require a fairly straightforward short iron shot.

Lake 4 Lake 4
Lake Hole 4 • PAR 3

Yardage: Blue 175 | White 164 | Red 154 | Catamount 91
Your tee shot has to carry all the way up on this uphill par 3; very few shots will bounce on. The green is narrow with a deep bunker on the left. Pin placement and wind conditions make selecting a club difficult.

Lake 5 Lake 5
Lake Hole 5 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 291 | White 269 | Red 244 | Catamount 175
A long drive is not required here; you may hit a long iron. Avoid the trees on the right. A deep bunker protects the front of the elevated green, so take care with your short iron approach.

Lake 6 Lake 6
Lake Hole 6 • PAR 5

Yardage: Blue 518 | White 466 | Red 440 | Catamount 317
Long hitters can reach in two, but you much hit slightly right of center to avoid bouncing into the stream guarding the left side of the fairway. Most second shots that clear the fairway bunker will roll on or close to a green guarded by bunkers on the right.

Lake 7 Lake 7
Lake Hole 7 • PAR 3

Yardage: Blue 207 | White 193 | Red 143 | Catamount 118
This tough, long, slightly uphill par 3 requires an accurate shot to a green protected on the left by bunkers. Hit left of the the green and your ball will probably run down the steep bank toward the trees.

Lake 8 Lake 8
Lake Hole 8 • PAR 4

Yardage: Blue 435 | White 390 | Red 318 | Catamount 205
Aim the tee shot at the right side of the fairway to set up the approach. A medium-to-long iron to this slightly elevated green must carry the bunker in front. Avoid going long on your approach because trees lurk very close to the green.

Lake 9 Lake 9
Lake Hole 9 • PAR 5

Yardage: Blue 552 | White 508 | Red 399 | Catamount 226
Position your drive to the right to avoid the trees on the left. Play your second shot to the left of the large rock at the top of the hill. Two good shots leave a short iron to a shallow green with water left and bunkers right and behind.