Forest 1 Forest 1
Forest Hole 1 • Par 4

Yardage: Blue 398 | White 372 | Red 323 | Catamount 218
Pay the tee shot just left of the two fairway bunkers; avoid the right because the steep embankment and trees leave a very difficult second shot. Use a medium-to-long iron on the downhill approach to a very shallow green protected in front by a bunker on the right.

Forest 2 Forest 2
Forest Hole 2 • Par 4

Yardage: Blue 418 | White 387 | Red 272 | Catamount 214
Favor the left side off the tee because the fairway slopes towards the trees on the right. A medium-to-long iron is needed to reach this closely bunkered green.

Forest 3 Forest 3
Forest Hole 3 • par 4

Yardage: Blue 317 | White 305 | Red 242 | Catamount 159
Position off the tee is critical to avoid the right fairway bunkers or being blocked by trees on the left. A blind, uphill second shot follows to a green with grass bunkers left and a bunker right.

Forest 4 Forest 4
Forest Hole 4 • PAR 3

Yardage: Blue 139 | White 129 | Red 100 | Catamount 100
Don't be short as a stream closely guards the front and right portion of this two-tiered green. Three bunkers surrounding the green make accuracy important to the tee shot.

Forest 5 Forest 5
Forest Hole 5 • par 5

Yardage: Blue 504 | White 467 | Red 380 | Catamount 216
Keep drivers left of the stream on the right side. Play second shots to the right side of the fairway. Anything left will be blocked by trees. A short third shot awaits to this small, two-tiered green that is protected by a deep bunker on the right.

Forest 6 Forest 6
Forest Hole 6 • par 4

Yardage: Blue 324 | White 295 | Red 276 | Catamount 200
Tee off to the right to avoid the bunker on the left and the steep slope beyond. A short-to-medium iron remains to reach a green guarded by a bunker in front and to the right and mounds to the left.

Forest 7 Forest 7
Forest Hole 7 • par 3

Yardage: Blue 174 | White 140 | Red 114 | Catamount 60
Carry your tee shot all the way to the green. If you miss this elevated green, it is tough to pitch close to the pin to make par.

Forest 8 Forest 8
Forest Hole 8 • PAR 5

Yardage: Blue 519 | White 504 | Red 388 | Catamount 323
Tee shots should favor the right side because the landing area slopes to the left. Avoid the trees left and the stream right with a very straight second shot. The third shot is uphill to a deep, elevated green with bunkers left and beyond. Pin placement can affect club selection by as many as three clubs.

Forest 8 Forest 8
Forest Hole 9 • PAR 4/5

Yardage: Blue 408 | White 379 | Red 358 | Catamount 160
Favor the right side off the tee as the fairway slopes away to the left. From the fairway, use a medium-to-long iron to reach the green closely guarded by three bunkers.