Join Lolë ambassadors as they lead a range of activities designed to inspire women to share their journeys, adventures and ideas. These complimentary events include a gift bag and discount offer for the Lolë Atelier in Stratton Village.
On the Mat
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
The most popular style of yoga, breath synchronized movement is the foundation for the flowing and dynamic sequence of postures. Find your breath and balance in one of our Lole Meet-Ups in Living Room at Black Bear Lodge where each ambassador brings her unique style to a session intended for every level of Yogi.

Restorative Yoga
Take advantage of simple props, including blankets, bolsters and pillows, to help you center your breath and body, practice stillness and sink into deep relaxation. Restorative yoga is good for the mind and soul. We concentrate on holding four to five simple poses which means this style of yoga is less work and more meditation.

Cardio Party
Hoop Fit
Put a smile on your face in this low impact and high energy cardio workout to music. Hooping improves core strength and tones your abs, arms, thighs, and glutes. You’ll see how hooping benefits your mind as well as your body thanks to an immediate escape from everyday stress and strain. Be a kid again.

Pilates began in 1920s when Joseph Pilates started encouraging wounded WWII soldiers to keep up their strength; later he opened his first studio next to NYC Ballet. Pilates is a term that refers to your abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes. Through a series of floor exercises using resistance bands and rings, the workout helps build, sculpt and tone these muscles. Pilates can aid in flexibility and improving posture and mental stability through the breathing process. While low-impact, Pilates burns fat during and after class, as your muscles continue to shed calories long after class ends.

The Great Outdoors
Here’s to a happier and healthier summer with a great workout in the great outdoors. You'll burn more calories and have more fun hiking. Plus, it helps build strength, balance, agility and endurance with the quads, calves and hamstrings winning the main benefit. Join Lolë Stratton with dates throughout the summer season.
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Meet Our Lolë Ambassadors

Lole Instructor Lole Instructor
Kaitlyn Zwagerman

After a spontaneous leap of faith, Kaitlyn found herself transforming along an unanticipated life changing, soul stretching journey. She completed her teaching certification with Jennilee Toner (Hot Warrior Yoga School, RYT-200) and has been teaching around Southern Vermont since June 2013. Breaking free from the mindset of the perfect looking posture, she reminds her students that all bodies, bones and minds are not built the same way and that yoga is a deeply personal practice. She celebrates the beauty of our individualities by creating vinyasa flows that encourage safe, self-expansive movement. Her focus is on tuning students into the sensations of their bodies with an emphasis on realizing, embracing and working with limitations. Since the birth of her daughter last June, yoga has taken on new meaning while she navigates the bumpy, yet wonderful, terrain of motherhood.  When not on her mat enjoys spending time with the love of her life, their daughter and two dogs.

Lole Instructor Polly Lole Instructor Polly
Polly Schmid

15 years ago, avid ski racer and equestrian Polly Schmid was suffering from terrible back pain, seeing doctors weekly. Diagnosed with Scoliosis, pain was keeping Polly from participating in the many sports she loves to do. That is when she turned to yoga, and with dedicated practice, not only did her back pain go away, but life became easier and much less stressful. Polly became hooked on yoga, and has since obtained three yoga certifications, and is currently working on her 500 Hour. Polly hopes to pass the mind/body/spirit connection and freedom she's attained, to her students.

Lole Instructor Lole Instructor
Anne Reynolds

Anne Reynolds believes that everyone has a beautiful story deep within the soul that is waiting to be shared with the world. Hoop dance provides a magical and powerful yet safe vehicle to connect with that inner beauty and intuitive rhythm.  Discovering the thrill of the hula hoop at age five, she reconnected with the hoop after a 25 + year break, fell madly in love and vowed never to part again. For the past four years Anne has incorporated a vigorous yet playful hoop practice into her daily routine. She has mastered core body and off body techniques including body rolls, tosses and hand spins. Anne has studied the art of hoop dance and somatic body movement with internationally acclaimed Hoop Dancer, Shakti Sunfire. She is now a certified Hoop Dance Instructor and is committed to helping her students reintroduce the lost pastime of play into their lives as well as connect with their own unique and beautiful dance.

Lole Instructor Lole Instructor
Kristin Powers

After falling in love with yoga, Kristin used the passions cultivated on her mat combined with several miraculous twists of fate to pursue her 200-hr teacher training with Meg Allen at Pure Warrior Yoga School (PWYS). Now a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) through PWYS and Yoga Alliance, Kristin finds pure joy in serving her students on an individual and unique level. She strives towards guiding her students through a practice that will allow them to see beyond just the physical practice or mental clutter, to a place centered in presence. With a focus on joining pranayama (breath) and movement, Kristin sees yoga as a path towards self-discovery and self-love. With each practice, she hopes to continue to work towards creating a space that allows students to discover their own path towards finding their own specific balance, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Kristin chose LOLE because of their emphasis on encouraging people to live life to their highest potential, as their truest self. 

Kate Logan Kate Logan
Kate Logan

Native Vermonter, Mama of three, dedicated yogini and teaching since 2002, Kate Logan completed teacher training's with Godfrey Deveroux and Shiva Rea and continues to study with master teachers (always a student first and teacher second). Kate's thoughtful and elegantly designed classes are heartfelt, fluent, nourishing and supportive for mind, body, and spirit. Kate is also a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Cookery in NYC, completed an extensive training course with The International Academy of Ayurveda in Pune, India, and is a doTerra wellness advocate. Kate is grateful and honored to share her love of yoga with our community and how it's practice can make positive shifts in our everyday lives, gently guiding us towards our highest self.

Lole Stratton Ambassador Kellie | Stratton Mountain Resort Lole Stratton Ambassador Kellie | Stratton Mountain Resort

Kellie grew up taking ballet, skiing, playing soccer, lacrosse and running. Years later she found herself in Boulder CO as a rock climbing instructor and the assistant manager of an indoor rock climbing gym. There she took her first Pilates class where she was reminded of her youth and love for the art of Ballet. She immediately inquired about how to become an instructor. She started teaching in Vail, Colorado in 1996 and has taught in Tahoe, Martha's Vineyard, Reno and now here in Stratton, Vermont. She enjoys the work, how it makes her feel and the gift it is to share with clients. She has now woven nutrition practices with her Pilates work personally as well as professionally.

Nicole Brooks Lole Ambassador sitting in a field at sunset Nicole Brooks Lole Ambassador sitting in a field at sunset
Nicole Brooks

Nicole Brooks discovered the Pilates method under a Ramana’s Pilates instructor in 2009 and instantly fell in love. As a dancer and outdoor enthusiast, Nicole found that Pilates provides her with the opportunity to strengthen her core and use her muscles in different ways. She quickly became passionate about the method and knew that she wanted to share it with others. Shortly thereafter, Nicole decided to move to New York where she completed the 600-hour comprehensive teacher training program through Power Pilates of NYC.
Nicole recognizes Pilates as her life’s practice: her experiences with the method through both teaching it and performing it in her own body make it a never-ending enjoyable journey. There is always more to learn about the complexities of the human body and the Pilates method.
As a Vermont native, Nicole is excited to bring her passion for Pilates back to Manchester with Pilates by Nicole, A Classical Studio. Nicole is dedicated to continuing to help empower those she teaches through movement.

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