In case of an emergency

Winter Months
To report a person in trouble or in need of first aid, call 802-297-4911 from a cell phone, dial extension 4911 from any courtesy phone, or advise the nearest lift attendant. Dialing 911 to report on-hill emergencies will delay response.

Summer Months
During the Summer, please call 802-297-4086 or dial 911 for help.
About Stratton Ski and Safety Patrol
Stratton Ski and Safety Patrol serve as leaders in providing a safe on-mountain experience for guests and employees alike. This team includes both paid and volunteer skiers/snowboarders who interact with guests on and off the hill providing emergency care and promoting safety. Stratton’s team is NOT just about picking up the sleds and transporting them down the mountain; it’s much more than that. Besides the team's medical care to our guest, other duties include safety-related responsibilities to open the area each morning, maintain a safe environment during operation and to close the area at the end of the day.

Remember to Play Safe, Play Smart and Enjoy the Mountain while knowing your limits. Safety never takes a vacation so a little bit of caution goes a long way.

Stratton Ski and Safety Patrol Locations

Located in the Carlos Otis Clinic, behind the gondola base, Stratton Ski and Safety Patrol headquarters is staffed 7am-5pm during the winter ski season.
On-Hill Headquarters
On-hill patrol headquarters is located at the summit