Safety Tips to Share with Others

  • Know the code, because it is YOUR responsibility
  • Stay In Control
  • People Ahead Have the Right of Way
  • Stop in a Safe Place
  • Look Uphill & Yield When Merging
  • Use Brakes Or Leashes
  • Observe & Obey All Signs & Warnings
  • Know How to Use The Lifts Safety
  • Look Before You Leap
  • Easy Style It
  • Respect Gets Respect
  • Always move to the side of the trail when pulling over to stop
  • Use Waterproof outer layers with synthetic fibers underneath on wet/cold days
  • Watch your speed!  Fast skiing & riding is unsafe for everyone
  • When going off jumps, please remember to use a spotter.
  • You may get tired today, so take breaks and stay hydrated.
  • SPACE NOT SPEED; safety is not done by accident.
  • Be aware of changing weather and snow conditions
  • Set a meeting time and place for your group in case you get separated.
  • Cover up!  Leave no skin exposed to the elements
  • Etiquette: Use "on your left/right" when passing others
  • Be sure to slow down when entering lift mazes
  • Respect the slow zone areas
  • Decide on a meeting place for your group before you get on the hill
  • Wear an extra layer and keep your face covered up
  • Observe slow zones—be alert and slow down in high-traffic areas
  • The more people that are on a trail, the slower you should go.
  • (three second rule)Look 3 seconds ahead of you and where you want to go, not toward objects you are trying to avoid.
  • (slower skiers/riders)Slower skiers/riders on catwalks or narrow trials should leave room for others to pass.
  • (Accident)Never leave the scene of an accident. Send someone to call ski patrol and wait for their arrival.
  • (ask for help)When loading/unloading a chairlift with small children, ask the lift attendant for assistance
  • (be aware when carving) The new carving equipment enables more people to carve turns and ski/board faster. Be aware of your speed, and watch for skiers/boarders all around you
  • (Blind spots) Slow down when skiing/riding over knolls or blind spots to ensure you can avoid any unseen objects or people below you.
  • (bring a friend) Never ski/ride in trees without a partner, and exercise caution.
  • (check your speed) The more people that are on a trail, the slower you should go.
  • (cross skis for ski patrol) When in need of Ski Patrol, cross skis in the snow above you.
  • (Don't park in the middle of the street) Think of a ski/boarding run like a street. You wouldn't park in the middle of the street, nor would you pull into traffic without looking.
  • (Give kids room) Yield to kids. Give them extra room. Kids ski/ride unpredictably, and often do not know right from left.
  • (lift Safety) Know how to use lifts safely. When in doubt, ask for help from the lift attendant.
  • (Look 3 seconds ahead)  Look 3 seconds ahead of you and where you want to go, not toward objects you are trying to avoid.
  • (Listen to the body) Listen to your body. Stretch and warm-up properly before pushing your personal limits or skill level.
  • Take it easy late in the day when you begin to tire; this is when most accidents happen. 



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