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Stratton Mountain

Lift NameStatus
Gondola Closed
Am. Express Closed
URSA Express Closed
Cub Carpet Closed
Teddy Bear Closed
Sunrise Express Closed
Shooting Star Closed
Snow Bowl Closed
Solstice Closed
S. American Closed
Tamarack Closed
Villager Closed


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Open Upper Mountain Trails: 0
Open Lower Mountain Trails: 0
Open Sun Bowl Trails: 0
Open Learning Areas Trails: 0
Total Open Trails: 0

Upper Mountain

LevelTrail Name Status
Bear Bottom Closed
Big D Closed
Black Bear Closed
Franks Fall Line Closed
Get My Drift Closed
Interstate Closed
Janeway Junction Closed
Liftline Cut Through Closed
L. Grizzly Bear Closed
L. West Meadow Closed
Mike's Way Closed
Old #8 Closed
Polar Bear Closed
Rimeline Closed
Stevek Closed
The Chute Closed
U. Drifter Closed
U. East Meadow Closed
U. Grizzly Bear Closed
U. Liftline Closed
U. Slalom Glade Closed
U. Spruce Closed
U. Standard Closed
U. Switchback Closed
U. Tamarack Closed
U. Wanderer Closed
U. West Meadow Closed
Work Road Closed

Lower Mountain

LevelTrail Name Status
Beeline Closed
Betwixt Closed
Cabot's Run Closed
Craig's Run Closed
Daniel Webster Closed
Drifter Link Closed
Duck Soup Closed
East Byrneside Closed
Ethan's Alley Closed
Flukey's Run Closed
Grizzly Access Closed
Hemlock Closed
Lad's Legacy Closed
L. Drifter Closed
L. East Meadow Closed
L. Liftline Closed
L. Slalom Glade Closed
L. Spruce Closed
L. Standard Closed
L. Switchback Closed
L. Tamarack Closed
L. Wanderer Closed
Mark's Run Closed
Old Log Road Closed
Old Smoothie Closed
Overpass Closed
Runaway Closed
Snow Bowl Alley Closed
Spillway Closed
Suntanner Closed
Tink's Link Closed
Tyrolienne Closed
Underpass Closed
White Birch Closed
World Cup Closed
Yodeler Closed
Yodeler Express Closed

Sun Bowl

LevelTrail Name Status
91 Closed
91 Extension Closed
Bear Down Closed
Big Ben Closed
Buster's Trail Closed
Churchill Downs Closed
Free Fall Closed
Gentle Ben Closed
Home Run Closed
L. Downeaster Closed
L. Kidderbrook Closed
L. Middlebrook Closed
Main Line Closed
Rick's Catch 22 - Experts Only Closed
Rising Star - Experts Only Closed
Shooter Closed
Shortcut Big Ben Closed
Shortcut Gentle Ben Closed
Solstice Way Closed
Sunbeam Closed
Sun Bowl Express Closed
Number 6 Closed
Rowley's Run Closed
Sunriser Supertrail Closed
Tree Top Way Closed
U. Downeaster Closed
U. Kidderbrook Closed
U. Middlebrook Closed
Way Home Closed

Learning Areas

LevelTrail Name Status
Downtowner Closed
Stage 1 Closed
Village Walk Closed

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