Maintaining the Life Cycle

Cycles are nothing new for us here at Stratton. We cycle through the seasons every year, maintaining the Stratton experience for generations of families. In order to continue to do so, we strive to contribute to the life cycle of our earth as well.

Our goal is to implement zero landfill resort-wide by 2017.

Zero-Landfill (n): To divert all waste created by an entity and its operations to alternative modes of disposal that either reclaims, repurposes, or decreases environmental impact of waste on the planet. Alternative modes include recycling, reuse, compost, and incineration.

Current Waste Initiatives

  • Compost

All of Stratton’s Food and Beverage outlets are currently collecting food waste from the production of all meals to be disposed of as compost instead of entering the waste stream and going to a landfill

Producing 1-2 tons per week of compost previously diverted to landfills

Compost managed by Casella, who transports from Manchester to Walker Dairy Farm in Fort Ann, NY

Compost is used in a Methane Digestor to create electricity which is used in homes throughout New York

Methane Digestor Fact Sheet

  • Zero-Sort Recycling

Zero-Sort Recycling means all recyclable materials can be combined into one bin and sent to the facility, where the sorting happens. Bottles, cans, cardboard, paper and aluminum can all be combined into one bin, simplifying the process for us, only requiring us to fill the bin! Our Zero-Sort is sent to Casella’s processing facility in Rutland, VT.

Zero-Sort PDF

  • Big Belly Trash Cans

Big Belly Trash Cans are solar powered trash compactors, which can hold more than 150 gallons of waste (more than 5x a traditional trash can), eliminating overflow and trash pickups. The compactor is powered by the sun, then uses cellular data to communicate when full.

There are big belly trash cans located all around the village and the mountain, helping to consolidate our waste and make us far more efficient. Big Belly Trash Cans were awarded to us by a grant through the Clif Bar Foundation.


  • Miscellaneous Recycling

There are other types of recycling besides zero-sort available all over the mountain. In fact, we even won an award for the greenest recycling program in 2012. Did you know Stratton provides recycling outlets for all of these items?

Shoes – The Sports Center

Jackets – Coat collection at Tent Sales

Skis – Retail shops

Books -  The Dashing Bear

Toner Cartridges – Welcome Center

  • Stratton Dish Project

Stratton has implemented an initiative in quick service outlets to utilize reusable dishware rather than disposable materials.  This initiative decreases our sourcing of disposable materials as well as the amount of waste being sent to the landfill. Stratton staff are set up at bussing stations to ensure dishes are returned to the kitchen.