Stratton Mountain Resort is committed to a role of environmental leadership across all areas of our business. It is our priority and responsibility to be stewards of the natural environment in which we live, work, and play by incorporating a sustainable point of view into every business decision. Our sustainable point of view is based on the intent to reduce our footprint by actively pursuing innovative solutions, particularly in the areas of resource (land, water, air), energy, and waste management. This initiative is called Fresh Tracks and it aims to implement change resort-wide, while educating and empowering our colleagues, community, and guests.

Why Fresh Tracks?

You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning, the sun barely rising, and you see a pristine blanket of snow gently enveloping everything in site? All of a sudden something clicks inside you as you race to put on your gear and get first chair, taking that initial lap with a perma-smile as each fresh track paints a picture worth 1000 words. That is the feeling we want to propagate for you, your children, your grandchildren, and many generations beyond.

Protect, conserve, and enjoy.

EPA has issued “Food Recovery Challenge Regional Achievement Certificates” to 24 organizations in all six New England states for their work reducing food waste and we're one of them! Check out the full story here.

Infrastructure Improvements

Building a sustainable resort.

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Environmental Education

Engage the community.

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Maintaining the life cycle.


Operating with efficiency.

Natural Resources

Coexisting in the Green Mountains.

Stratton relishes a strong history of environmental accomplishments. Fresh Tracks is dedicated to creating a home where nature, people, and recreation may coexist year after year. Browse below to see what we’ve done to make Stratton Mountain Resort a better place for all inhabitants.

Timeline of Accomplishments

  • Stratton Dish Project continues to thrive in the main base lodge, promoting reusable dishware and eliminating disposables. 
  • Stratton is 1 out of 10 private businesses to sign onto Efficiency Vermont’s Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) program. Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) is a long-term, comprehensive strategy for maximizing energy productivity. CEI integrates capital upgrades, process improvements, maintenance, and employee engagement to yield deeper, more sustainable savings.
  • Awarded VSAA  Green Mountain Award for our Greenest Recycling Program
  • High efficiency electric air compressor installed in place of outdated diesel compressor for snowmaking reducing fossil fuel dependence and associated carbon emissions by the equivalent of 451 barrels of oil per year
  • Snowmaking decreased on tubing hill because of 9900 cubic yards of earth fill installed
  • 10 new HKD SV10 efficient snowmaking guns installed to replace 10 Royal Roger Knight land gun with a projected savings of 92,920 kWh of energy per year, which is equivalent to 13.7 Vermont homes’ annual electricity use.
  • Initiated all resort compost project through Casella, resulting in the diversion of waste equivalent to the size of a Nordic groomer from the landfill in the first week. Compost is brought to an off-grid farm in New York that produces energy to sell back to the grid.
  • Installed cork flooring in Dashing Bear in place of carpet. Cork is renewable resource that can be harvested for up to 350 years from the same tree, containing natural thermal insulation and hypo-allergenic properties.
  • All Stratton owned retail equipped with 2x2 LED lighting fixtures as recommended by Efficiency Vermont
  • Recycled wood and VOC-free paint used in all 2013 renovations, including Burton store and First Run.
  • New carpet made from recycled fibers installed in Burton, First Run, and Mid Mountain lodge
  • Food and beverage sourcing from local bakeries, such as Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex, VT, decreasing the distance from farm to table.
  • Cob’s market using biodegradable packaging for salad containers
  • Bentley’s menu incorporating cheese’s from local dairy farms, reducing sourcing from conventional large-scale dairy farms

  • 2012 Improvements in LED lighting in the base lodge, and higher efficiency snow gun equipment, resulted in 49,529 kWh and $74,531 saved.  
  • Higher efficiency snow gun equipment is using 90% less compressed air than old snowmaking equipment. For every new gun installed with this efficiency, 10 old guns can be replaced.
  • Four undersized culverts that were compromised during Tropical Storm Irene were replaced and upgraded.  Larger culverts with natural bottoms allows fish and biota free passage in streams
  • Tributary 1 achieved 2 years of consecutive positive water quality results, qualifying for delisting from the state impaired waters list.
  • Recognized by Efficiency Vermont for achieving goals of the Energy Leadership Challenge along with other energy leaders including Sugarbush Resort, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Energizer Battery Manufacturing Company. 

  • Improvements in LED lighting in parking lots, street lamps, retail stores, and condos, resulted in a projected annual savings of 520,923 kWh and $473,089.
  • Phillips A19 LED lamps installed in 2011 save $130 in energy per light bulb, lasting longer than a non-LED light bulb without using mercury in manufacturing.
  • Stratton is able to re-route our waste to Casella Waste Management’s new single stream recycling facility in Rutland, VT. This allows us to reduce the transportation time and associated carbon emissions while maintaining our ability to utilize zero-sort recycling.
  • Electronic signing pads replace Welcome Packets for Lodging Check-in, decreasing paper use at all front desk locations.  Anticipated waste diversion of 2430 sq ft of paper per year, capable of covering the ground footprint of 5 snow cats

  • Forest Management Plan continues
  • Sports Center pool converted to saltwater
  • Stratton Celebrates with Solutions Festival
  • Online orientation education continues educating on boarding employees about Stratton’s Environmental Initiative
  • In the pool area we had sixteen 400 watt MH fixtures replaced with sixteen florescent fixtures. Based on a 60 hr week this saved Stratton 5,129 kWh or $612.04 annually
  • Housekeeping switched to Green Products
  • The Dish project kicks off in the Main Base Lodge replacing disposable dishes, silverware and cup ware with reusable options
  • Increase number of recycling containers in the Base Lodge
  • Coke “Looks for Success” is in process
  • Indoor lights have been replaced at Sports Center
  • Two heat curtains installed at the Stratton Mountain Club to reduce heat loss from opening entrances.
  • Removal of paper products in the employee cafeteria, only reusable options available. 
  • Roads sprayed with pre storm product to reduce need of salt which contributes to chloride in the streams.
  • Converted cardboard compactor to single stream at base lodge
  • Achieved goal to reduce idling in snow cats from 21% to 17%

  • Stratton receives North Eastern Energy Efficiency Award for Leadership in Business Commitment to Energy Efficiency
  • Stratton wins Silver Eagle Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation/ Clean Energy
  • Introduction of athletic shoe recycling at the Sports Center.  Over 30 pairs of shoes donated to One World Running.
  • Introduction of ski and snowboard collection for Vermont Furniture Company
  • Stratton introduces Single Stream Recycling at all resort operated locations where all recyclable material can be collected in one receptacle.  Increase of 13% tonnage in recycling and reduction of 24% in solid waste.
  • All Base Lodge disposables (forks, knives, spoons, plates, and cups) converted to Corn Plastic, reducing our consumption of fossil fuel products.
  • The Inn at Stratton Mountain earns designation as a Green Hotel in the Green Mountain State through implementation of in room and common area recycling, green cleaning products, recycled paper products, environmentally friendly toiletries, and lighting upgrades.
  • Stratton’s snowmaking team installs a Variable Frequency Drive with estimated electrical savings of ~ 800,000 kWh annually.
  • Stratton continues implementation under the Efficiency Vermont Lighting Plus Program and upgrades 13 additional buildings with efficient lighting and sensors.  Savings estimated at 170000 kWh annually.
  • Stratton reduces consumption across all utilities over 2008, already reduced, consumption levels.
  • Stratton replaces 92 HVAC units at the Inn at Stratton Mountain with estimated savings of 176000 kWh annually
  • Stratton celebrates its commitment to the environment at the 2009 US Open Snowboarding Championships with Bags for Beanies, a carpooling incentive program, and an increased recycling presence.
  • Printer and copier toner cartridges collected for recycling and donated to the Mountain School.
  • Stratton retail outlets utilizes recycled material in their shopping bags.
  • Stratton becomes an EPA Waste Wise Partner
  • Stratton supports’s International Day of Climate Change with a Hike to the Summit with Hubert Schriebl.
  • Stratton utilizes recycled rubber flooring in the updates Village Rentals.
  • Stratton’s Green Team promotes recycling through a New Hire Orientation presentation to all on boarding employees.
  • Stratton’s Human Resources department reduces paper consumption for the re-hiring process by utilizing an online application process and post card notification.
  • Stratton installs carpet made from recycled material in the new North Face Summit Shop
  • Stratton provides waste cooking oil to new hauler for production into Biofuels
  • Stratton Village Tenants join recycling effort.
All Village stores have programmable thermostats installed by the end of 2009.

  • Stratton surpasses 10% Energy Reduction Goal for Electricity and Diesel.
  • Stratton launches Green Team v 2.0
  • Stratton gives away 100 free compact fluorescent light bulbs at the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championship.
  • Stratton completes refrigeration upgrades at eight locations saving over 43,500 kWh annually.
  • Stratton partners with Efficiency Vermont for the Lighting Plus Program and undergoes Lighting Retrofits in 8 Buildings resulting in an annual electrical savings of 125,000 kWh.
  • Stratton upgrades Royal Roger Knight air water mixing guns to Ratnik SnowGiant II efficient air water mixing guns, resulting in an annual electrical savings of 960,000 kWh.
  • Stratton sets Environmental Initiatives.
  • Stratton is finalist for the Silver Eagle Award for Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation from NSAA.
  • Stratton Partners Certifies all Timber Land thru the Green
  • Certification Program (FSC).
  • Stratton partners with Allard Lumber, Copeland Furniture, and the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund to supply Green Certified Lumber to produce Vermont Sustainable Furniture.
  • Stratton implements a 25% printed pages reduction effort.
  • Stratton Introduces 4 No-Idles Zones resort-wide.
  • Stratton Issues Idling Recommendations to reduce idle time for Stratton Vehicles.
  • Stratton replaces 100 halogen bulbs in their retail outlets for an annual savings of 5,000 kilowatt hours.

  • Stratton participates in the Demand Response Program thru ISO New England. (thru to present)
  • Stratton partners with Toyota™ for our corporate vehicles and adds three hybrids to the fleet. (thru to present)
  • Stratton defaults all printers to duplex copy and print. 

  • Employee cafeteria goes Waste-Free! Diverting over 15 tons of waste from landfills every year.
  • The Vermont Institute of Natural Science celebrates 10 years of research on Stratton Mountain, the longest consecutive research project on the species.
  • Stratton purchases Renewable Energy Credits (yearly) to offset 100% of our energy consumption from Renewable Choice Energy.
  • Stratton reintroduces a “Green Team”. (thru to present)
  • Stratton Lake Pump House converted to Propane heat. 
  • Stratton Junior Ski and Snowboard School institutes its own recycling program.
  • Stratton upgrades lighting in “The Wreck” teen center with projected savings of nearly 31,000 kWhs per year.
  • Fresh Tracks: Protect, Conserve and Enjoy is born.
  • All marketing materials now printed on recycled paper.
  • Stratton institutes purchasing policy for a minimum 30% recycled material for all copying. (thru to present)
  • Stratton installs reader boards at main locations to disseminate resort information to reduce printed materials.

  • Stratton celebrates Sustainable Slopes Day. (thru to present)
  • Stratton undergoes major lighting retrofits in the Sports Center, all retail outlets, Main Base Lodge, Sunbowl Base Lodge, Tenderloins, Golf School, the Welcome Center, and select office spaces. This initiative is projected to save 170,685 kWhs/year.
  • Bill Koch, the only American to ever win a medal in Nordic skiing, pilots an environmentally sustainable trail cutting program.
  • Stratton Junior Ski and Snowboard School focuses on Environmental Education and mountain appreciation.
  • Stratton upgrades the Summit Ski Patrol building lighting and kitchen appliances. By using efficient lighting and propane appliances over 1000kWh are saved each year.

  • The Vermont Institute of Natural Science Produces “Evaluating the Use of Vermont Ski Areas by Bicknell’s Thrush: Applications for Whiteface Mountain, New York” by Christopher Rimmer.
  • Stratton undergoes Lift Terminal Heating Retrofit with expected yearly kilowatt hour savings of 337,840.
  • Stratton wins Silver Eagle Award for Wildlife Habitat Protection.   

  • Stratton Institutes an employee cup program incentivizing employees to use reusable mugs instead of disposable paper cups.
  • Golf pond #3 removed and restored to a natural stream bed to reduce thermal loading
  • Stratton conducts its annual Green Up Day. (thru to present)Stratton wins the Vermont Travel Industry Conference Merit Award for Land Stewardship

  • Stratton installs the Sunbowl Stormwater Collection System
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife publishes “The Effects of Resort and Residential Development on Black Bears in Vermont” by Forrest Hammond. 
  • Win Governor’s Award for Land Use and Land Use Planning.

  • Stratton installs Lot #2 Stormwater Collection System.
  • Stratton instituted “no mow” zones on the 27-hole golf course to protect the on course streams from thermal loading.
  • Snyder Pond removed and restored to a natural stream bed to reduce thermal loading.

  • Stratton installs Lot #1 and Village Stormwater Collection System.
  • Stratton wins Silver Eagle Award for Wildlife Habitat Protection.
  • Stratton wins Governor’s Award for Village Walkway.
  • Stratton signs The Environmental Charter for Ski Areas from the National Ski Area Association.

  • Stratton partners with The Department of Fish and Wildlife to stock Atlantic Salmon.
  • Stratton Builds Tertiary Water Treatment Plant.
  • Stratton installs efficient Snow Guns.
  • Stratton added radiant heat to the Village walkway. This effort almost eliminated the use of salt and sand needed to keep the walkway safe and keeps pollutants out of our waterways.

  • Stratton wins Commissioner’s Landowner Appreciation Award for Water Conservation and Wastewater Management.

  • Stratton Develops a Water Quality Remediation Plan to bring all resort streams up to Vermont Water Quality Standards.
  • Stratton conserves 1499 acres for conservation land to protect the areas Black bears, Bicknell’s Thrush and White tailed deer.
  • Stratton and the Vermont Institute of Natural Science join forces to study the mountain’s Bicknell’s Thrush, a sensitive high altitude bird species. Stratton is the first Vermont Resort to Complete a Master Plan for Resort development. 
  • Stratton wins the Golden Eagle Award for Wildlife Habitat Protection.  

  • ¬≠Stratton funds a $100,000 grant to launch six-year radio telemetry study by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department designed to identify key components of critical black bear habitat and determine how the black bear responds to changing land use.