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Wind Rose Retreats

Join Us for the Fall 2014 Stratton Mountain Mindfulness Retreat Series

Weekend retreats of self-discovery at Stratton. Enjoy premium accommodations, fine casual dining, spectacular natural surroundings and a multitude of outdoor experiences while immersed in a unique, life-changing retreat.

About Wind Rose Retreats

Wind Rose Retreats is the leader in resort-hosted retreats.  Wind Rose subscribes to the idea that Mindfulness can help everyone, so retreats are designed to be inclusive and enjoyable. Retreats are hosted at resorts like Stratton so that it’s comfortable and unintimidating for all.

Leading Mindfulness Presenters

While at the resort, you will immerse yourself in understanding the practice of Mindfulness, learned through the wisdom of experienced presenters who have opened the door for thousands of people just like you. The intimate group size offers ample opportunity to ask questions and dialogue with the presenters.

Relax, Revive, Restart

Becoming Mindful is a process, but one that begins providing benefits right away. Relax and revive at the resort, and leave with a new understanding of how to deal with the stresses of the modern world.  We encourage you to join us for one or more weekends at the Fall 2014 Stratton Mindfulness Retreat Series.

Kevin Griffin: “Recovering Joy”: Last Minutes slots still open. For information, call 802-362-0570 or email:

Wind Rose Retreats At Stratton

Chi Running Retreat

If you wish to start or re-start a fitness program, come back from an injury, or focus on reaching new levels in their running and walking, Chi Running Retreats integrates the inner awareness and relaxation skills of T’ai Chi with optimal ergonomic technique to allow anyone to run or walk farther, faster, with less effort, less pain and a radically lower risk of injury.

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Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Resilience

For those seeking healing and awakening, Linda Graham teaches, through the use of traditional Buddhist practice and the tools of modern neuroscience, how to reduce the impact of stress and trauma, taking us on a journey of do-able and sustainable inner transformation and outer manifestation towards awakening resilience & well-being in ourselves, giving our lives greater possibility and sense of purpose.

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Mindfulness Skills that Change the Brain

For those seeking positive change from unhealthy patterns, such as anxiety, depressive thoughts, anger or self-judgment. The retreat provides a clear and practical approach to understanding how mindful practice and findings from neuroscience combine to create healthy change, increasing your calm, courage, confidence, flexibility and the ability to be more fully present in each moment of experience.

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Haven Writing Retreat

"When I retreat into the haven of my writing, mind meets craft meets heart language." If you are thinking about incorporating writing into your life, or already love to write, Laura Munson’s Retreat inspires each of us to be creative on the page, clarify the intention of our writings, find our unique voice, and allow us to incorporate this new found self-expression into every aspect of our lives.

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Peaceful Warrior Experience

For those seeking meaning, connection and purpose in their lives, Dan Millman’s Retreat takes us on an experiential journey, providing us with the tools to combine a life of peace with a life of action – the Peaceful Warrior Way. During the Retreat, we will overcome our fears to chase dreams, live a life of greater fulfillment, and have a clearer sense of our purpose and place in the world.

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