RevMax for Homeowners

As an ongoing commitment to you, Intrawest has a Revenue Management division committed to maximizing Homeowner rental income.  You might ask, what is revenue management?  Revenue management is making sure the right product is being sold to the right person, at the right time, for the right price. An additional purpose of this division is to strategically balance maximizing revenue with demand for each unit type on the rental program.

Working with Revenue Management, our Homeowner Relations Team has developed the new "RevMax" program. This program improves communication and provides you with information and education on how working together, we can optimize the revenue-generating capability of your vacation home.

What Intrawest is doing to Maximize Your Rental Income

  • Analyzing and forecasting guest demand and occupancy patterns
  • Pricing units according to demand patterns
  • Pricing units strategically against competition
  • Maximizing stay lengths of paying guests
  • Monitoring booking refusals due to price

What you can do to Maximize Your Rental Income

  • Stay abreast of peak demand time periods
  • Avoid booking yourself or friends during peak times
  • Utilize Owner Use Calendar as an educational & booking tool
  • Communicate any room night reductions on a reservation A.S.A.P.