Introducing RevMax

Dear Stratton Mountain Resort Homeowner,

Allow us to introduce – RevMax.

RevMax is a program that has been developed to provide all Intrawest Homeowners the opportunity to learn more about Revenue Maximization strategies that can be used in an attempt to grow rental revenue.  RevMax is designed to assist you in making the best possible decision about when to come and stay in your resort home, book your friends into your home, or when to rent it out to paying guests for maximum income earning potential.  To do this the RevMax Program provides homeowners with easy-to-access, regularly updated information about forecasted peak occupancy periods and corresponding rental opportunities for your vacation home.

Homeowners will have many of their questions answered through the new RevMax "Frequently Asked Questions" web page, and if your question is not answered, we have provided an area online for you to ask.  You never know - your question could end up on the list for all homeowners' benefit!

You can also now review online Stratton Mountain's forecasted occupancy by looking at the new 3-Month Demand Outlook.  This new online calendar is updated on a monthly basis, and illustrates the forecasted property occupancy in 2 colors; red indicating days over 90%, and yellow over 80%.

All of this useful RevMax information can be found in the RevMax Center on this site, on Homeowner Booking Calendars, as well as requested from the Owner Rental Department by calling 1-800-STRATTON (787-2886) Press 7 or emailing  

We are continuously improving our tools and processes for homeowners across Intrawest.  The above RevMax Program is just the beginning. Thank you for being a member of Stratton Mountain Resort's Rental Management program, your participation is very much appreciated.


Your Owner Rental Management Team