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Day Spa Summer Deals

Summer Specials (Starting Fri 5/24/13)

Signature Facial $90 (originally $125), 50min.
Sunriser Facial $155 50min. – This brightening facial is designed for skin that is dehydrated and environmentally damaged. This treatment helps to diminish dark spots and leaves your skin looking and feeling more youthful with a more radiant and firmer complexion. Our practice will deeply exfoliate pours, even hyperpigmentation and leave you gleaming with hydration. Perfect for summertime!

Signature Massage $90 (originally $125), 50 min.
Shiradora Massage $175, 80 min. – This ayervedic treatment is performed by pouring warm oil in a gentle stream onto the forehead at the point of the third eye. This shiradora massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. End the treatment with a soothing warm shower.
The Raindrop Technique $165, 80 min.- The raindrop technique combines e art of aromatherapy and massage. Seven individual oils are applied to various areas of the body. This collection of oils restores balance and harmony to the body.

Summer Love Mani and Pedi- Enjoy the scents and smells of summer with this luxurious hand and foot treatment. Escape for a while with our tropical mask, citrus essential oils and reflexology massage.
S.L. Mani $40
S.L. Pedi $65


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