Here are a few guidelines to help you enjoy a safe, challenging and environmentally sustainable time on the mountain:

  • Proper footwear is essential. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and stable-hiking boots and sneakers with socks are best.
  • Stay hydrated and pack plenty of fluids. There are no portable water sources on the mountain so you will want to make sure you bring enough to get you(and your pets) through your hike.
  • Pack it in, pack it out! Please pack out all trash, leftover food and litter. Please do not disturb or dump anything in our streams, as they are a valuable resource and are protected under the Water Quality Remediation Plan.
  • Leave what you find. Please leave rocks, plants and other natural objects as you find them so that others may enjoy them too.
  • Respect the wildlife. Please observe the wildlife animals from a distance and do not follow, approach or feed them. Many animals may seem safe and calm, but please remember that they are wild and unpredictable.
  • Pets should be kept on a leash , Work vehicles, other guests, pets and wild animals may be encountered at any time.
  • Warm up before your hike and cool down afterwards. Don't forget to stretch!
  • Make sure you check the weather forecast before you go. Summer thunderstorms can roll in quickly. In the event of a sudden storm be sure to stay low and move away from open fields, tall trees and objects (especially lift towers)
  • Know your limits! Don't underestimate the difficulty of mountain trails. Always tell someone where you're going or hike with a friend.
  • Overnight camping in not permitted anywhere on the mountain.