Stratton Trails

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Beginner Wanderer Summit Ascent: Dark Green

Lower Wanderer (Moonbeam Wooded Trail) – Lower & Upper West Meadow – Upper Wanderer
Combination of wooded trails, mowed surface and gravel work road. Lower Wanderer segment offers options of hiking the open trail or venturing into the Moonbeam Trail en route to Lower West Meadow and its picturesque views. The final ascent meanders toward the summit along Upper Wanderer. Note: You may also start this final ascent on Old Log Road (starting point for Lower Mountain Beginner loop).

Approximately 2.5 miles from bottom to top.


Lower Mountain Beginner Loop: Light Green

Old Log Road – Flukey's Run (Emerald Forest Wooded Trail) – Hemlock – Lower Standard)
This loop features moderate climbs and downhills. Start on Lower Standard for a more challenging route or follow Old Log Road for a warm up or hikes with smaller children. Flukey's Run segment offers the option of hiking theopen trail or venturing into Emerald Forest en route to Hemlock.

Approximately 1.1 miles round trip.


Intermediate Summit Black Bear Ascent: Blue

Yodeler – Yodeler Express – Runaway – Old No. 8 – Black Bear
Black Bear vistas deliver excellent views across the valley. Enjoy the flats across Runaway before the main ascent. The pitch kicks up a notch as you climb Old No. 8 and Black Bear. Approaching the summit on Black Bear signs will direct you through a wooded trail to the lookout tower, an ideal vantage point. Catch your breath, enjoy a sandwich on top of the world, and be sure to snap a picture.

Approximately 2.1 miles from bottom to top.


Mid Mountain Intermediate Loop: Red

Yodeler – Mid Mountain Lodge – Overpass – Lower Standard
This Mid-Mountain loop features mowed trail surfaces. It begins with a direct climb to the Mid-Mountain Lodge via Yodeler. Continue up through verpass before beginning the decent on Lower Standard. (Note: You may also incorporate the Old Log Road – Flukey's Run - Hemlock portion of the Beginner Loop).

Approximately 2.3 miles round trip.


Advanced Summit Standard Accent: Black

Lower Standard – Upper Standard

This mowed route follows the Gondola straight up the face of the mountain. Expect to find a series of steep pitches as you climb Upper Standard. If you would like a more mild warm up before the Upper Standard segment, begin on the Lower Mountain Beginner Loop via Old Log Road – Flukey's Run – Hemlock.

Approximately 1.4 miles from bottom to top.

Fire Tower Trail:
Follow this trail from the Summit of Stratton to the old Fire Tower, which marks the true summit of Stratton Mountain and the crossing of the Long and Appalachian Trails. Check in with Tower hosts for the latest trail news, or climb the tower for 360 views of the surrounding area.

Approximately .75 miles each way. Little to no elevation gain.