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It's All About Strattitude

Stratton Activities

(noun) - a "let's winter" state of mind or a feeling; disposition.

It pays to have some Strattitude this season. Every Friday, Grizzly's will be offering a Red Bull Drink Special for $6, our Jib Lab will host a special feature, the Side Country Series brings skiers and riders to the best stashes mountain wide and I think it goes without saying...but I'll say it anyway, Friday night equals let's party. The Green Door Pub in the Village should be on your to-do list every Strattitude Friday.

Lodging Deal: Find yourself a place to crash Thursday nights at Liftline for $49 (non-holiday - while supplies last)

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Every Friday beginning December 20th

Stop by the Jib Lab every Friday from 3:30-4:40pm for a backyard style jam with music and swag.

The Jib Lab is located next to the Stratton Mountain Ski and Snow Sports School. It's a hikeable, one feature park that's updated weekly.

Come learn new tricks or show off your own!

Did someone order tacos?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Find your Strattitude every Friday, beginning December 20, at the Jib Lab by the Stratton Mountain Sports School. Come hone in on your park skills and progress all season long.

Share where you started from on Stratton's Facebook or Twitter for your chance at a free lift ticket and to be featured on the Strattitude page.

Side Country Series

Ski or ride in the "Side Country" every Friday afternoon with our top Mountain Sports School freeski and freeride instructors acting as your guide! Explore pipes, parks, trees and moguls. Take video of each other doing stunts. Let a coach help you learn how to do a new maneuver or find a new hidden feature. Go Sideways! Go Pro! Go with a Pro!

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A HUGE thank you to all those that shared their #Strattitude with us! We hope you enjoy your Strattitude Pass.

Highlights Resort Wide


Grab your friends and hit up one of our many events this winter. Can't miss events include The Vermont Open, 24 Hours Of Stratton (a top ten event) and March di Gras.


Take a break from Ramen, Poptars and boxed food to enjoy some good eats mountain wide. Insider tip - the best hot chocolate is at The Mill House and the famous Waffles, served up fresh and hot all season long, neighbor the Gondola. 


By day, shred the mountain, by night, rock the village! Plenty of day and night activities are available resort wide. Stop by The HUB in the Village for a personal recommendation and party on.