Sol Sun Bowl Base Lodge

Fuel up for the day or in between runs at the Sun Bowl. Enjoy libations and live music at the Loft Bar. It’s all at the Sun Bowl, where you’ll find convenient parking plus lift tickets, rentals and retail shop.



Sopapaillas  $6

served with maple butter


Tortilla Chips  $3

Burritos,  Meat  $10, Veg  $8

Quesadilla,  Meat  $8, Veg  $6

Taco Bar  $4 ea

Choice of Protein: Braised VT Carne Asada, VT Pork Carnitas, Pollo, Tempeh

Chopped lettuce, and queso fresco


Rice or Black Beans  $3

Queso Dip  $7

S.O.D.  $7

Salad Station small   $6, large  $9

Quinoa, Kale, Three Bean, Chopped Taco, Daily Special

Grab & Go

VT yogurt    $3

Organic Granola    $5

Fruit Parfait    $7

Fresh Fruit    $2

Crudité with Hummus  $9

Assorted Bars   $3

VT Kettle Chips    $3

Muffins and Asst. Baked Goods   $4


Burrito $7

Kids  $8

Mini Cheese Quesadilla with rice and beans