Green Door Pub

Curious to see where the locals go when the sun goes down? Visit Green Door Pub. Pool Tables, Foosball, 11 Beers, Jäger and Fireball on tap. Home of $3 Narragansett Pounders! Check out our Website for band line-up and our Facebook page for other shenanigans! Late Night Menu
"Beer, pool, TV. Always a fun time and, depending on their specials, it can be a relatively cheap evening. Good mix of younger and older crowd."

~Trip Advisor 

Voted best Après bar in North America by Transworld Snowboarding Magazine 

Weekly Specials
Free Wings 5-7pm & $3 Otter Creek Backseat Berner Pints
Steak & Brew $6.99
Free Wings 5-7pm, Free Pool & Bud Pints $2.50
Free Nachos 5-7pm & Bud Pints $2.50
Steak & Brew $6.99
DJs every Fri. & bands every Sat. beginning mid-December

12/30 Pine Drop
12/31 NYE Party with Nook n'Kranny
1/2 Barry and the Penetrators
1/6 Sofus 
1/7  Red Bull 80s Ski Party with Nook n'Kranny
1/8 DJ Joe Bell 
1/9 The Equalites 
1/13 Sam Luke 
1/15 DJ Joe Bell 
1/16 Dead Ahead (Grateful Dead Cover Band)
1/17 DJ Nook n'Kranny 
1/20 Dillon Badfriend (from AIW) 
1/22 DJ Joe Bell 
1/23 Bellas Bartok 
1/27 Teddy Midnight with Wiley Griffin 
1/29 DJ Joe Bell
1/30 Flux Capacitor
2/3 Party with Nook n'Kranny
2/5 DJ Joe Bell
2/6 Barry and the Penetrators
2/7 Super Bowl Party
2/12 DJ Joe Bell
2/13 The Lustre Kings
2/17 Hayley Jane
2/19 DJ Joe Bell
2/20 Dead Ahead (Grateful Dead Cover Band)
2/24 Sam Luke
2/26 DJ Joe Bell
2/27 RICE
3/4 DJ Joe Bell
3/5 Lovewhip
3/9 Stuarts Giant
3/10 DJ Nook n'Kranny
3/11 DJ Joe Bell
3/12 Saints and Liars
3/17 St. Patty's Day Beach Party with Nook n'Kranny
3/18 DJ Joe Bell
3/19 Mr. Dix
3/25 DJ Joe Bell
3/26 Marchdi Gras 
4/1 DJ Joe Bell 
4/3 End of Season Party with Nook n'Kranny 
4/8 DJ Joe Bell 
4/9 Grand Closing Halloween Party with Nook n'Kranny