Golf Tips


1. Create a goal for the season that is realistic for your ability level and develop your plan for the season through lessons & training.

2. If you do not have a practice plan it will be hard to reach the consistency you are looking for.

3. Do stretching every day concentrating on your hamstring.

4. When working out for golf, concentrate on your Core.

5. Exercise your hands and forearms by standing up extending arms outward & open and close hands as fast as possible for one minute, 3 times a day.

6. Make sure you know your set up position, this is also key to consistency. Have your Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture and Ball placement correct for the shot you are playing.

7. As you start your season, work on technique & tempo then add speed & power in the future.

8. By using your bigger muscles in your golf swing your tempo will improve. Reduce the fast twitch muscles controlling your swing.

9. Strengthen your hands & forearms by wringing a wet towel dry.

10. If you are not averaging between 28 & 32 putts per round of golf , you need to practice & improve your distance control when putting.

11. When hitting a shot correctly on a uneven lie the ball should fly the way the ground is sloped.

12. To get the maximum distance on any shot you need to hit the Sweet Spot on the club face.

13. A great lesson starts with good factual information.

14. Learn to know what you need to work on by charting the following. How many greens in regulations? How many putts you take? How many fairways do you hit?

15. One major key to increasing distance on your drives, you must increase speed @ impact.

16. Every golfer should have a stretching routine every day & is a must before playing or practicing.

17. Every Tour Player has a routine before hitting a golf shot, this is one key for the average player to become consistant.

18. Every beginer golfer should understand this is a great game & have fun by learning the game correctly with good fundementals.

19. The best training aid you can use to improve your golf game is available to all of us for free. What could it possibly be? It is a mirror! It gives you instant feedback and allows you to see the position of your body and the golf club and how they relate during the golf swing. Watch some of your favorite players on TV and think about what they look like at different positions in their swing. (i.e. address, impact and finish position) Then go to a mirror and get yourself to look just like them and you'll be on your way to creating a better golf game.

20. Do you hit the ball a long way but lack the control you desire? Do you carry a 2 or 3 iron in the bag? Well if this sounds like you, here is an easy way to shave some strokes off your game. Take the 2 and 3 iron out of the bag and start carrying hybrids. They are much easier clubs to hit and will give you more consistency in your game. You can ask to demo them at your favorite club and find out which brand would be the best for you.

21. Most of us know by now that the most important part of the game of golf is putting. The problem is, this is probably the area of the game we practice the least of if you do practice you are most likely not practicing efficiently. If you live in the northeast and lay the clubs up for the long winter you are missing a great opportunity to improve for the Spring. Take 5 minutes a day and practice putting either at home or in the office. There are countless indoor putting mats available that will definitely improve your putting when the weather is nice to get outdoors and play again. Focus on grip and consistently making 5-6 foot putts over and over again. By Spring your stroke and confidence will be there to start the season out making a lot more putts.