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Massage Therapy

A satellite site to Stratton Day Spa, the Stratton Training and Fitness Center offers a wide variety of massage modalities.  You will be in good hands with our licensed therapists. Massages are available in 25, 50, or 75 minutes unless otherwise noted.  For reservations, call 802-297-4230.

Swedish Massage: This classic massage of long, soothing strokes for relaxation is the most popular. 

Deep Tissue Massage: A workout for the muscles combining Swedish techniques and deep, slow, compressive strokes.

Sports Massage: Specific strokes designed to increase stamina, strength, flexibility, and muscle tone, and also decrease fatigue, stress and muscle tension.  Helps to prevent injury and speed recovery.

Trigger Point Therapy: Used by itself or in combination with other modalities, an application of deep compression, stripping and stretching to the trigger points.   Alleviates chronic pain and dysfunction while restoring normal motion and mobility.

Reflexology: A treat for the feet! You will be amazed at how working the feet  efficiently addresses all the systems of the body, helping you “feel good” all over!

Craniosacral Therapy: A very gentle technique that assists the body in detecting and correcting imbalances.  It takes place with the client fully clothed and in a resting position. It helps alleviate a wide range of illness, pain, stress and dysfunction.

Pre-Natal Massage: Just what the mother-to-be ordered!  Find some time for yourself and relax while we gently work the aches and pains from your back, neck, arms, legs and feet. *(25 or 50 minutes only)



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