Training & Fitness Center Classes

Monday, Aug 3

7:30am Power Vinyasa with Laura

8am Indoor Cycling with Lisa

9am Yoga for all with Laura

5pm Cardio Tennis $25

5pm Yoga Flow with Susan 

Tuesday, Aug 4

7:30am Indoor Cycling with Nancy

9am Sun Salutations Yoga with Laura

Noon Mini Masters Swim with Steve

5pm Skills, Drills & Thrills Tennis Clinic $30

5:30pm Yoga with Paula (LR)

Wednesday, Aug 5

7:30am Sunrise Power Vinyasa with Kristin

8am Indoor Cycling with Nancy

8:30am Cardio Tennis $25

5pm Tennis 101 Clinic $25

5pm Indoor Cycling with Denise

Thursday, Aug 6

7:30am Yoga for All with Paula

3pm Aqua Fitness with Arlene

4:30-5:45pm H2yOga Stratton Lake w/Kaitlyn $40

5pm Indoor Cycling with Nancy

5pm Cardio Tennis $25

5pm Hoop Jam with Anne (LR)

5:30pm Yoga Flow with Laura

Friday, Aug 7

7:30am Indoor Cycling with Denise

9am Sun Salutations Yoga with Laura

4:30pm Power Hour vinyasa with Kristin

5pm Tennis Round Robin $30

Saturday, Aug 8

8:30am Cardio Tennis

8:30am Indoor Cycling with Denise

9:30am Tennis Escape Clinic – Great Groundstrokes

10:30am Mt Top Yoga w/gondola ride $25 ($10 mbr) Laura

2pm Tennis Escape Clinic – Dynamic Doubles 

Sunday, Aug 9

8am Cardio Tennis $25

9:30am Tennis Escape Clinic – Vicious Volleys

10am-Noon Mid-Mt Hike & Yoga with Kristin


Included (tennis not included)
$15 per class