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Yoga Teacher Training

“I believe that a yoga teacher training (like the one I experienced with Health Yoga Life) should be added to the list of must-do things…!”-  Past Trainee, Nicole H.

Our training will help you launch your yoga teaching professional career. It is also designed for students who want to find more depth in their practice and understanding of yoga to continue their progression as a yoga student. Many individuals take a teacher training without intention to ever teach.

Become certified in 2 weeks! Take the 2 weeks consecutively or take Week 1 first and Week 2 at a later time. Days are full and engaging!

At Health Yoga Life we train individuals to be teachers who are interested in helping shape a holistic frontier in their communities. The founders of Health Yoga Life see yoga teaching as a profession of service to others that simultaneously allows the teacher to experience profound human development and spiritual growth. We also recognize that to be a successful yoga teacher requires entrepreneurial skills. Therefore our teacher training also teaches how to build your teaching career and platform so that you can easily share what you love.  In this training, we draw from years of study with some of the world’s best teachers.  We draw upon our Health Yoga Life Coaching techniques to bring out the best in you, because what we know is the more YOU share your true self the more meaningful your teaching will be for you and your students.

Where: Stratton Mountain Resort (retreat like setting)
When: June 28 - July 5, 2014 (Warrior 1) & July 6 - July 13, 2014 (Warrior 2)


◊  Vinyasa (power yoga) sequence including, but not limited to: Sun Salutations, Crescent Lunge Series, Standing/Balancing Series, Back Bending Series, Inversions, Triangle Series, Abdominal Series, Hip Opening Series, and Rest

◊  Yoga as philosophy, a modern approach to life

◊  Pranayama and/or breathing techniques used in yoga

◊  Proper posture and alignment

◊  Verbal and physical assisting for correction and safety

◊  Cultivating your voice

◊  Listening as action

◊  Leading with awareness

◊  Starting and building a yoga teaching career

Join us for an amazing time in the mountains of Vermont. Great hikes, terrific food, awesome friends, great learning environment, and someone even makes your bed in the morning!

“Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing teacher training. It was such an incredible experience!”- Past Trainee, Caitrin O.

 Prices include tuition, double accommodation and meals.

    Early Bird Savings Ends 04/30/14!

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    To learn more about Health Yoga Life and our yoga teacher training CLICK HERE!

    For more information please call us at 857-350-4124 or email us at  We are limiting the size of our training to offer individualized attention and offer you the best of ourselves. Please do not wait to register!


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