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Stratton Events Calendar

There's always something going on at Stratton Mountain. Check out the line up of music, fitness challenges and festivals.

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North Face Race to the Summit

Experience Vermont's fall foliage in a whole new way as you run up Stratton in the North Face Race to the Summit.

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Chi Running Retreat

If you wish to start or re-start a fitness program, come back from an injury, or focus on reaching new levels in their running and walking, Chi Running Retreats integrates the inner awareness and relaxation skills of T’ai Chi with optimal ergonomic technique to allow anyone to run or walk farther, faster, with less effort, less pain and a radically lower risk of injury.

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Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Resilience

For those seeking healing and awakening, Linda Graham teaches, through the use of traditional Buddhist practice and the tools of modern neuroscience, how to reduce the impact of stress and trauma, taking us on a journey of do-able and sustainable inner transformation and outer manifestation towards awakening resilience & well-being in ourselves, giving our lives greater possibility and sense of purpose.

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Mindfulness Skills that Change the Brain

For those seeking positive change from unhealthy patterns, such as anxiety, depressive thoughts, anger or self-judgment. The retreat provides a clear and practical approach to understanding how mindful practice and findings from neuroscience combine to create healthy change, increasing your calm, courage, confidence, flexibility and the ability to be more fully present in each moment of experience.

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